Bicycle Rental on Durban’s Promenade

Durban, South Africa

Bicycle Rental on Durban’s Promenade
There is no where else in South Africa where you can rent a bicycle and cruise along a pedestrianised 7km stretch taking in the magnificent vista of the ocean.

Durban is a surf city and you'll cycle alongside some of South Africa's top surfing destinations such as New Pier. You can even cycle out along the pier and take a good look at the surfers in action!

Comfort is everything! Cycle shorts are not required for this experience. We have comfortable saddles to make cruising a pleasure.

We are situated directly on the Durban Promenade so guests can collect a bicycle and get on their way. The promenade is one long stretch and very simple to navigate. Most importantly, the promenade is very safe and free from any motorised traffic.