The Windybrow Heritage Tour

Johannesburg, South Africa

The Windybrow Heritage Tour
The Windybrow is a heritage site not to be missed while in Johannesburg!

The Windybrow Centre of the Arts (also known as the Windybrow Theatre) is one of the oldest buildings in Johannesburg. Being over 120 years old, the building has one of South Africa’s unique stories. Starting off as a family mansion that appeared in 1979 edition of the Johannesburg Historical Foundation's Journal 'Between the Chains', the house is now home to the Windybrow Centre of the Arts (a.k.a the Windybrow Theatre) and Honest Travel Experience’s headquarters.

This tour provides our guests with the unique history of the Windybrow in relation to Johannesburg from a mining perspective. We take you through the evolution of the house, from a home to nursery to now an Art center over the past 12 decades.