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Important Travel Information and Covid Updates

Kenya Destination Travel Tips

We have put together a handy Kenya Destination Guide to help you pack for your post-lockdown holiday and make your holiday memorable. 

We have printable PDFs of the Destination Guide, together with a complete list of all required forms and questionnaires required for your trip listed below.

Leaving Home & Returning Home Important Travel Information

For peace of mind, we recommend pre-printing and completing all the forms and questionnaire listed below:

•     Kenya Destination Guide (including very important COVID & vaccination requirements for entry to Kenya)

•     Please upload your vaccination certificate via

*Information about your destination changes all the time.

TravelDoc ( offers access to travel restriction information as well as an online library that highlights each countries latest regulations with regards to immigration, health and safety.

Familiarise yourself with the departure and return requirements of your destination. In addition to possible visas you may also be required to produce negative PCR Tests, vaccinations certificates, insurance amongst many other documents which vary per destination.

Useful sites for Updated COVID-19 Information:

World Health Organisation:

Government COVID-19 Portal:

To enter Kenya, all unvaccinated travellers aged 12 years and older must present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before departure. 

We strongly recommend that you have comprehensive travel insurance, that will not only cover normal travel emergencies, but will also cover the costs of quarantine in destination should you or your travel companions test positive in the destination. Please note that some destinations have made COVID19 insurance a mandatory requirement. 

The following companies will be able to assist with your Travel Insurance needs: 

·     Hollard Travel Insurance:

·     Bryte Insurance:

·     TIC Travel Insurance Consultants:

*Please note that it remains the relevant country’s health authority’s prerogative to change quarantine and/or COVID protocols, at any given time.

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